Publications of the Dorset Record Society

Vol. 1 (1964)
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Minute Book 1625-1660, M. Weinstock (out of print)
The two towns on opposite sides of Weymouth harbour, which for centuries had been rivals, were united in 1571, but real union was not effected until the charter of 1617 laid down the rules of government for the united borough. The earliest surviving minute book details the work of the borough and the port, and includes lists of freemen, surveys of burgage tenements and enrolments of apprentices.
ISBN 0 900339 01 1
Vol. 2 (1964)
Witchcraft at Toners Puddle, Christina Hole (out of print)
Extracts from the diary of Rev. William Ettricke, vicar of Affpuddle and Toners Puddle, record the arrival of a new servant girl in 1804 and the subsequent sickness of his children and animals, and crop failures. Despite his education and faith, Ettricke believes the girl is practising black magic on his family and dismisses her in1805. With a full introductory essay on the subject.
ISBN 0 900339 02 0
Vol. 3 (1965)
Thomas Rackett Papers, H. S. L. Dewar (out of print)
Thomas Rackett (1757-1841) was rector of Spetisbury, and noted in his day as an antiquary and naturalist. He was Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, the Royal Society and the Linnean Society, and the pursuit of these interests frequently took him away from his parish. Eventually, after some parishioners became Roman Catholics, he was charged with neglecting his duties. The case became a national scandal, although the charges were subsequently dropped. Rackett's correspondence covers his defence of the charges, his many interests and more besides. With an introduction and index.
ISBN 0 900339 03 9
Vol. 4 (1971)
Dorset Lay Subsidy 1332, A. D. Mills (out of print)
The Lay Subsidy was a tax granted to Edward III to pay for his wars with Scotland and Ireland and was levied on moveable and personal property. This is the earliest complete roll for Dorset and lists all those assessed to pay the subsidy, the parish or borough where they lived, and the amount assessed. With an introduction and index.
ISBN 0 900339 00 4
Vol. 5 (1971)
Two 17th century inventories, Lettice Ashley Cooper (out of print)
These two inventories list the contents of Wimborne St Giles House. The first inventory, of 1639, refers to an earlier house on the site of the present one, and was made in the year Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper (later 1st Earl of Shaftesbury) was married. It is interesting to note the stockpile of arms and munitions, perhaps a response to the tension on the eve of the Civil War. The second inventory, of 1699, was taken on the death of his son, the 2nd Earl. The contents are listed room by room, giving a glimpse of life in the period. With a glossary of terms.
ISBN 0 900339 04 7
Vol. 6 (1980)
Dorset Lay Subsidy 1327, A. R. Rumble (out of print)
This is the earliest surviving lay subsidy roll for Dorset, although its bad state of repair means it is not complete. It has been transcribed to the same format as Volume 4 to allow comparison. With an index.
ISBN 0 900339 05 5
Vol. 7 (1981)
The Case Book of Sir Francis Ashley 1614-1635, ed. J. H. Bettey
Ashley was Recorder, or borough magistrate, of Dorchester from 1610 until his death in 1635. His Case Book shows the wide variety of local affairs with which JPs were then concerned. Ashley was not only involved in the trials of offenders in Dorchester, but also tried many of those arrested each year at Woodbury Hill Fair, and his Case Book provides much detailed evidence about this annual event. (150 pages, index of personal names)
ISBN 0 900339 06 3
Vol. 8 (1983)
The Building Accounts of Mapperton Rectory 1699-1703, ed. R. Machin
The complete building accounts for Mapperton rectory are in the parish records, a rare survival providing detailed information on building practices and costs at an important period. The house too is still in existence, not drastically altered. (56 pages, 2 illustrations, 3 plans, glossary of technical terms)
ISBN 0 900339 07 1
Vol. 9 (1985)
Touchinge Witchcrafte and Sorcerye, ed. G. J. Davies (out of print)
Six cases of Dorset witchcraft are included in the collection: two from the 16th century, three from the 17th century and one from the diary of a 19th-century vicar. By its very nature little evidence survives about beliefs in witchcraft and magic, so these cases are of great historical significance, as well as being full of human interest. (80 pages)
ISBN 0 900339 08 X
Vol. 10 (1986)
The Love Poems and Letters of William Barnes and Julia Miles, ed. C. H. Lindgren (out of print)
The poems dedicated by William to Julia and the letters they wrote to each other between 1820 and their marriage in 1827 are brought together in this collection. It also includes 21 of Barnes' drawings and engravings, making it a charming and attractive volume. (110 pages, illustrated)
ISBN 0 900339 09 8
Vol. 11 (1988)
Puddletown: House, Street and Family, ed. C. L. Sinclair Williams (out of print)
Dr Dawney, vicar of Puddletown, compiled an account of his parishioners in 1724-5, recording their names, ages and occupations with interesting additional comments. His private census anticipated the first detailed state census by 116 years. It was continued and brought up to date by his successor in 1769. (96 pages, 2 maps, index of personal names)
ISBN 0 900339 10 1
Vol. 12 (1991)
William Whiteway of Dorchester: his diary 1618-1635 Reprinted 2015, hardback
Whiteway was the son of a leading Dorchester merchant and a friend and associate of John White, the rector of Holy Trinity and a founder of the Massachusetts Bay Company, who turned Dorchester into a model Puritan stronghold in the generation before the Civil War. In his diary, brought to an abrupt end by his early death, Whiteway gives a first-hand account of these momentous years. (195 pages, index of personal names)
ISBN 978 0 900339 20 2
Vol. 13
Farming in 18th century Dorset: the diary of James Warne, 1758, with George Boswell's letters, 1787-1805 Reprinted 2015, hardback
Ed. J. F. James and J. H. Bettey. James Warne's diary is a remarkably comprehensive snap-shot of the life, work and attitudes of a respectable tenant farmer before agricultural improvement. It is set alongside the letters of George Boswell whose working life as a tenant farmer saw many agricultural changes.
ISBN 978 0 900339 19 6
Vol. 14 (2006)
Dorset Quarter Sessions Order Book 1625-1638, a Calendar.
Edited by Terry Hearing and Sarah Bridges.
ISBN 0 900339 13 6 (978 0 900339 13 4)
DNHAS Occasional Paper no. 1 (2008)
Early Years, recollections of life in Sturminster Newton in the early nineteenth century.
By Robert Young.
ISBN 978 0 900339 14 1
Vol. 15 (2009)
Dorset in Wartime, the diary of Phyllis Walther 1941-1942.
Hardback with jacket. Illustrated with contemporary photos.
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 15 8
Vol. 16 (2011)
Birth, Marriage, Death and Taxes, the Lyme Regis Censuses 1695-1703.
Edited by Dr Judith Ford. Hardback with jacket
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 16 5
DNHAS Occasional Paper no. 2 (2011)
Dorset Manorial Documents: A guide for local and family historians.
By Mark Forrest.
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 17 2
Vol. 17 (2013)
The Sherborne Almshouse Register 1437-1866.
Edited by Dr Ann Clark. Hardback with jacket
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 18 9
Vol.18 (2015)
Three Tudor Surveys, 1584-1585
Edited by June Palmer. Hardback with coloured jacket
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 21 9
Vol.19 (2017)
Treswell's Survey of Purbeck 1585-6
Edited by Mark Forrest with Jenny Halling Barnard, Rose Mitchell and Martin Papworth
Full details here.
ISBN 978 0 900339 22 6

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