Dorset County Museum archaeology gallery, 2015 to 2018, named 'Ancient Dorset'

This page shows the layout of the gallery after the major revision of 2015. (For the pre-2015 layout, follow this link.)
This revision lasted only till 2018, when the exhibits were removed to the reserve collection at All Saints' Church, and the whole of the main Museum site closed to allow extensive rebuilding and extension.
The Museum, including new archaeological displays, is expected to reopen in June 2020; for updates see

Plan of gallery with display cases numbered


1 Lower Palaeolithic, 2 Upper Palaeolithic, 3 Mesolithic
a relief map
4 5 6 7 8 Neolithic
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Bronze Age
b Maiden Castle model and video
18 19 Maiden Castle
20 Gussage All Saints
21 22 Iron Age (IA) metalwork
c Maiden Castle 'war cemetery' burials
23 Whitcombe Warrior burial
24 Iron Age mirror etc.
25 Iron Age anchor etc.
26 Romano-British (RB): includes milestone, and Whitcombe Rider
d Tableau of Roman house interior: two stone columns, probably from Dorchester Roman Town House (Colliton Park);
27 RB metalwork
28 RB, including Norden finds: sawn and polished Purbeck Marble, mortars of Purbeck Marble (not Burr-stone as the label may seem to imply) and pestle (not this one)
29 RB, including large mortar from Dewlish and two loomweights from Bucknowle
30 RB, not stone
31 RB, including (non-Purbeck) marble figurine base
32 RB, including sandstone roof finial, section of mosaic from Dewlish, and Southwell mortar
33 RB, including stone pillar from Dorchester Roman Town House (Colliton Park); 9 stone roof-slabs from the same Town House; mosaic roundel of a sea-god from Hemsworth; mortar in 3 pieces, still to be documented
34 Saxon period
35 Viking period (tableau of Ridgeway mass grave)
36 Late Saxon/Norman

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