Botany and Butterflies

Peter Cramb

It is not easy to compare the relative importance of papers published in the early years with more recent ones. Today's naturalists are frequently full-time professionals and work with the benefit of the accumulated knowledge of their predecessors. In the early years, in contrast, most naturalists were amateurs - although in many cases certainly not amateurish - and had little previous work on which to build. Much of their work has now been superseded by that of their successors, as no doubt will the work of the present generation be superseded in the future!

I have attempted to overcome this difficulty by including a cross-section of the items from the whole period but with more weighting given to those of the relatively recent past reflecting their greater current significance. I have included a very short summary of each item indicating its main points of interest.

N.B. Volumes have been dated as shown on the spine: this is not usually the date of publication. Some of the older volumes have no date on the spine and, in these cases, the date of publication has been used instead.

Peter Cramb
27th April 2001



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